This post, I dedicate to you- Allan

Today, I celebrate and honour my brother with the biggest heart, the warmest smile, and the funniest personality.

My brother Allan is my best friend. He’s the person I look forward to talking to about my day. Whether I am sharing a story that I know only we would find hilarious, having an emotional meltdown, or brainstorming business/professional development ideas, he’s the one I run to. Allan is my #1 supporter. He was by my side when I went to the bank to pay off my student loans. He cooked for me, took care of me, and watched over me when I felt like my life was falling apart last year. He was by my side to help me fix up my house. And he continues to generously share his time, energy, and talents with me.

Allan and I were not always this close. Growing up, I would say our relationship was neutral. In high school we rarely spoke, but that was because we were in different grades. Then we went to different universities and never really saw each other for 4-5 years. Around the end of university, we both worked for the City of Hamilton one summer and Allan moved in with me.

This was the start of our tight bond. We spent SO much time together and we didn’t have internet that summer so we just hung out. We developed a system to live together and work together and we rarely got on each other’s nerves. Even though we are so different, we are so compatible. Allan and I both love to laugh, host friends, be efficient, and have fun. Our main difference is definitely our spending habits (and our taste in music). He’s a spender, I am a saver.

Allan likes fine things. He loves dressing well, eating well, and living the life of luxury.

I find ‘treasures’ on the side of the road, thrift stores and garage sales and I am content.

Other than that, we are two peas in a pod.

My life without Allan would not be complete. I am amazed, inspired, and so proud of my little brother!

Happy Birthday Sweet Allan ❤







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